Shining Star

Sunz Of Man

Yeah, knah I'm sayin'?
This is what you call making history right here
The fifth element
Earth, wind, fire, sunz of man knah I'm sayin'?
We got the wu-tang clan in the house, knah I'm sayin'? odb
Yo wyclef play the guitar man!
The earth is approximately covered underwater
? street walks for surfers
The sun & moon had attract the power
While it's on it's way around the sun

Verse 1: ol' dirty bastard

I'm the eddie kane of the wu-tang
Osirus with the fire-extinguisher slang
Maintain this paradise on this earth
With the shut the fuck up style
For what this shit is worth
Watch a nigga catch a purse
Super-hero niggas die
Do my dirt, get away and multiply
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