Next Up

Sunz Of Man

I traveled so far
Im chewin niggas lyrics for a mars bar
New era, bust em like reign terror
So highly mecca nas a nigga died and measured
The inevitable, beyond the ever so, this deadly technical
Scribes get revised in the time before celestial
No being or lyric ever hit precise, double sight
Take light, through the crypts at night
Spark pathetic brains and meteorite
Seven heaven verses the seven wonder, lyrics of thunder
As lightning strikes snakes out from under
Cloudy men drips, sinks niles of fine mist
Worries startin to give, land for the tales out the crypt
Of the dark, dead senses, gods of heavenly business
Count dracula told me how to find the eclipse
I leave your lip stitched
Cause you couldnt mind your business
But when it came to this rap,
You shouldve vacated the premises
Make way for a chilla, guerilla, down low killa
Get loopbtin civil, next up
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