Five Arch Angels

Sunz Of Man

It ain't no love without hate
It ain't no peace without war
Ain't no madness without the sadness
So tell me where's the love peace and happiness?

17 days of confusion jostled in the wounds of evil
My lively technicallity wins a race based on reality
See day and night is still a revolutionary war
Corruption Franklin Av bullets war thru your staff
I'm a side of a nation, risin without frustration
I'm caged in the belly of the beast, mind's trapped in prison
A daily penitentiary, witness and tragedy
Sankes take after the murder rates and heart aches
Death stalks, bodies collide with the sidewalk
The young are triffel, true and lovin like a psycho
Visions of Heaven and Hell seen thru te eyes of 4th Disciple

My arrival to this planet, I was entitled to be physically stranded
Mentally free now, this be the sound, I travel
Unravel, you babble, my head is the castle
Mind is the King, swords be the words
When I swing, attack you, like a guillotine that's trapped you
Pass thru the Heavenly atmosphere, where I stare
Those who fear the truth interfere with lies
Our black nation must rise, worldwide like the 3rd eye
I be the law breaker, life or death maker, Haven Razah
Traitor, eliminator, wicked disintegrator, lyrical earth quaker
Absorb me, shinin light is mandatory
I've got knowledge of my self, explanatory
Of course we be the Sunz of Man, deeper than quick sand
Expand like gases on our masses of our land

As the world turns, I starve and burn, the pure child
Livin out of now, took a vow, became wise as an owl
Sent to guide the crowd, so let me go
and run this never-endin marathon from out babylon
But in disgrace, I'm movin at a slow pace
Gazin at the worldly things like a showcase
A trife names, like a dice game, can't roll an ace
I stack dice, my first sacrifice was the corrupt life
Since birth my old Earth erupted twice
Now she's up nights, while I'm downtown in Crown Heights
with the clowns that puff pipes, kids scuffed up in fights
Amongst thieves like Christ, Killah Priest, the black judite

First thought is the shit be whole apocalypse
Swordsmanship, the gift, unidentified flyin objects
Foggy like mist and trip 6 mounds in 5 sips
Radiatin to represent, takin over the world's testaments
The revolutionist, brainstorm, evolutionist
You've been comin off the punitive wars
Time to break laws, break off cubics like rubics
Then separate thru Chaka Khan movements with strikes of a buddhist
Snatch this life, I save it, produce it
Quick swift to lose it, if you don't lose it, you lose it dime
Difficult bread, inner serpents, superintendants like juddhists
Behold the 60 Sec. talk, a/k/a the Assassinator
Hold the vital smoke and that's all
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