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The Clay People

I feel I must kill
Grab my coat, my keys
Lock the door, I leave
Said my prayers
I know what to do
It's dark tonight
Change is coming soon
We've crossed these paths
So many times
Tonight, tonight
Knowhere to hide
I feel I must kill
Upside down, hanging in a closet
Mommy, don't knife me
Mommy, I'm begging
Godsick, Godsick
Pipe in hand
Destined to cross path
There's no need to scream
The Lord is watching
Long brown hair
Run, you can try
But you're not innocent
I know God's on my side
I feel I must kill
Upside down, hanging by a meat hook
Mommy, don't leave me
Mommy, it's cold in here
Godsick, Godsick
Fear me...
Finally he sees the light
And now he knows what's right
The Lord has shown me what to do
And now he's going to kill you
You say I'm troubled
You said that you tried
To reason at gunpoint
More reason to die
Clench fist, adrenaline blown
Blood vessels burst
I am no more
Mommy, mommy
Mommy, can't you see my good deed
Mommy, look at what the Lord has done to me

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