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The Clay People

Blank stares
In a strange lair
Rip the flesh
A razor's edge
You want to touch me
I'm trapped into despair
Hot heat
I can't breathe
Looks of fright
In your sight
I want to see some excitement

I'm bound by chain
I am restrained
To be confined
Do I deserve
It's what I like
And when you start to plead
Can I be?
I'm in extasy
I want you to fight
Do I deserve?
Do I deserve?
It's what I like
I'll make you love me
I'll make you want me
Open hooks
You twist, you squirm
I'll make you need
Only plead

Shadow look
Shadow back
Your hand tied
No light
I can't see
The images are changing
All alone
In a black hole
Retina burnt
No light
No hold
I will have told
I'll have no sympathy
It's a virus type
It's all from the inside
I'm bound by chain
I swear I feel no pain

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