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The Clay People

Nothing's clear anymore to me
Everything's just a blur
You are not who you seem to be
Not anymore
Nobody's real to me anymore
Everyone's just a blur
No excuses for anyone
Everyone's just a whore
My ears only hear
What I want them to here
My eyes only see
What I want them to listen to
I feel nothing at all
I don't care anymore
Don't try to talk to me
I won't listen
You've got nothing to say to me
If I don't want to hear you
Don't try to make me feel guilty
Because I've done nothing wrong
Except maybe opening my
Eyes to see that I can
Be what I want to be...
I'm dead
In my head
I feel nothing
I feel nothing
Except for maybe
Opening my eyes to
See that I can be
What I want to be

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