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The Clay People

Cramping of my body muscles
Fever feeling i'm in pain
It's in my head
My head again
Rip it out
Make it go
Make it go away
No sense
Nervous talking
Arms out stretched
Still i'm floating
Heads will beckon
Blood will flow
I'm going mad
I am not whole
I am useless
I am engulfed
By this total darkness
Why does this moon beckon me?
What is this hidden face that i see?
And i run around
From stone to stone
In the air
The smell of cloves
From underground
Call to me
From underground
All the bodies
They're beckoning
Then i feel the fever hit again
Water boils
Stench of death
Fates way to show a way
Life to change this very day
And i'm gonna die . . .
We are the new tribe . . .
We're the children of the moon

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