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The Clay People

Take this hand
Reaches out
Step through
Reflecting glass
Look back
To see my room
It's distant, it's cold
A man which I'm not
No desire
To be so
Wrong step, fall, a fatal crash
I make the rules
I won't hurt yet
Get it away
Delerium settles in
Get it away
This air so thin
Into this void
Into control
Into this void
Nothing to hold onto

Hallucinating, nothing's clear
Dark blanket, hands clammy
I think this void comes from within me
Behind the glass, reflecting see
The monsters in the void with me
And it breathes your fear
It lives your fear
It breathes your fear
I'm going mad, I'm so afraid
I don't know what I'll find
I'm losing my mind
Scary it is - no one's I'm in here

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