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Rusted Iron Turning Wheel

The Clay People

Tears drop
Another face
Another confrontation
How can one so small
So timid
Speak up so strong
Hiding from the man of power
A man who's loved by the one surrounding
On the rusted iron turning wheel
Go around go around
She lets the ones out from inside
Come out come out
Be me be alive
And the struggle's between
Personalities two and three
Little gray little girl
Watching desperately
For the coming of the giant killer bees
Touching her
He touches her
As he says he loves her
Hiding in the room
Surrounded by the guilt gifts
Given to her
And she thinks of joshua
Number three
The fuzzy brown bear
How it will rip his heart out
Rip his fucking heart out
End of the good sister
God's child number two
To the pits of hell
With this man who violates her
Her only chaotic sanctuary
Is the coming of the giant killer bees
To save her
To fly away
To the place
Where the sweet music plays
And the tears still drop from her face
This is god's way
Is this god's way . . .

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