how many years of human history do you know
ye man ov the earth?
- aeons of tyrants
and two thousand years plague

what is your knowledge, that crowns your head
ye man ov the earth?
- false prophets orders
enlightened by lies
and horror of science - mass of materia

to be creatures of light you might never expect

explain your heads held so high!

all of you, mankind that I once cursed
I challenge your nothing-truth
against my will to create

now faster! my legions of ultimate army
come forth! rise ahead!
desecrate the knowledge thou hath learneth

'ye are against people, o my chosen!'

I was passing by the people and cities
everything drowning in daylight
they were running away from the thunderstorm
taking their shelters in fright overwhelming
and the lightning enlighten the day
with the brightness of thousand suns
they were running away like a vermin
and then the darkness came

ohh the fire that follows my path
shall devour your prayers and gods
shall turn into ash your false nothing-beliefs

following the path of my past brothers
I was collecting the crumbs of their masks
smashed by truth's fist
scattered by scoffers
one day weaved by illusions

ohh there is one thing that I need to know
and that frightens me so much!
weren't you
the only thing that I had?!
the only rightful reason for thoughts
and will to create?
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