Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of
Death, I fear no light I fear no pain I fear no salvation. As I stand on the top of
The highest pile of skulls, I inhale fear and exhale anger.. I summon thee, spirits
In the depths and in the stars. Confront me as I am, for blasphemy against you
All.. As the fallen remembers the heavens and joy - I cherish all past
Reminiscence. The greatest curse of all is we can never forget what we've lost..
"Once I was the one to crave your light, and I was the one to ease your toil". The
Greatest loss is what dies inside, dies inside of us while we live.. This is how it all
Began, I was left with nothing. First you let me touch and feel this sober
Adherence, then you make me watch you die.. As I go through the motion of my
Life, the tranquility and calmness was what I was looking for. Now as I came to
The place of no return, I'll make you all loose your belief and burn.. And when it
All ends, when your hopes are gone, I will understand all the things I've done.
Seeing all the graves and weeping men upon, nowhere to go from here, I face the
Barrel of a gun.. All knowledge comes from experience. Loss and possession,
Death and life are one. There falls no shadow, where there shines no sun.
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