See your father, son, come sit and listen. I've been walking on a rather strange path, but here I am now unmasked. Take a deep breath
The monster under your pillow I've been passing over with
Silence, and I've been lying for as long
As I could, so you could have your
Playgrounds. But now this time has come for you to know - soon you'll start to like your sleep more and more, because when you're awake you'll see your life falling apart. And the stars and the skies you'll never reach them. You've been given a wish without being given
The power to make it true... Well well well my father, you may want to reconsider. Yet I've been told by your adversary - I'm always free to change my mind, chose a different future and a different past. Is it so? No! "look deep in my eyes past all the lies, past my act
Past this disguise, past the scars and past the tears, you will see only fear" and this time up on the earth, living by the "things will get better", holding the thoughts back will never save you from yourself. You are your own end.
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