Frightening light, glimpsing truth
The one with splendour
Self-styled archangel
Ravishing strength beyond reach to confront
Years of knowledge burned and lost forever

So there was the one who ruled

Joined the crowded pantheon
Heads removed by mankind's rapture
Violent native-histories revolution
Hollow blindness, apotheosis of lies

But there was the one, who stood upon godliness
One, who confronted, one who brought the light
Unfold the realm of torture dementia
Threw their masks away
Forgiven he never was

From the darkened skies the fallen star (burned?)
- but since now wear your veil
Fear not to undergo curses!

Hatred through my veins
Order of black we caress
Retransgress ashen floating truth
Release chained shivering will
Obedience denial
Regicide, forlorn hope!

Now! stand where you are, watch around
None prevailed?!

Watch your theory of unity
Then seek for unity of your theory
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