Daemoonion Act I


I've been waiting for this Night
with the winds
she streamed down on the forest
the Moon has masked
only with the luminous blade
It was dazing them
who didn't manage to switch on the lights

the One possessed their eyes
and they were marching
following them
in the daemonic dance
of tranquility and concentration
gazed at the glaring moonlit flame

they were opening the eyes wide
and the One possessed their souls
incinerated their wisdom
incarnation of everlasting power
alien to human flesh

crashed them into ashes
naive in their blindness
the Trees have engulfed them
they didn't bow down before
so prior to they reached
they melt away

and the glare of crystals
pealed by an omnipresence of light
in the Darkness

Fire has awaken and rose
hidden for thousands of years
primaeval blade
this night wept with blood
sun demised by the light of truth
ashamed melt away in the entrails of welkin
they will not be afraid anymore
neither feed their fear with the following

this Night
heads fell down
scattered with myriad of ashen grains

this Night
one of the gllitering lights
has declined
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