the reason I created you - well. it was never an issue to me while
it was happening ...once I started going the path I chose, nothing seemed
real, and nothing seemed impossible. I gathered the tools they gave me,
I summoned all grudge and hatred and grief. going down, way down. to see:
the sorrows, the demons, deep regrets and sins.. I felt this, I was the son of
magic of power of will to create. so I built all the dukedoms black. thus spoke
the night spirit.. this fire that burned in the heart, this freezing moon
allegiance. mother north I commenced the crusade, crying wolves blizzard
beats - speak the gospel of disease.. against the sun, across the mirrors,
throughout the space. I made it all clear and selfish statement - I am what I do.
will you follow me? you see this my reflection of yours. you're observing
it defenceless, the adherence is far beyond intention.. I didn't want you to
compromise your will, I didn't let you in, that's not your promised land.. and the
vision and the might and your insight and the light, that shines through these
stained glass windows in this cell, they will never be your guide, they're here for
me to hide from all I was too weak to fight elsewhere.. I don't want to leave you
with nothing, but I'm afraid I have to say: It went too far to accept it, get away
from my fairy tale. take your toys and move away, gather your dreams forget
them all, before you end up like me. you don't want to end up like me.
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