Boyoz N' Blue Flow 1

Boss Hogg Outlawz

Outlaw Season baby, yeah
Sir Daily baby, yeah

[Sir Daily:]
These hoes on you dog, like fleas and ticks
Trying to break the raw hogg, cause my cheese is thick
Nope I squeeze the clip, and let off a few hollows
Pop the top off a pint, take a few swallows
And let it marinate, here on a carrot chase
Yeah real recognize real, and we embarrass fakes
Pull up pass your plates, in a Jag that's great
Roof down through your town, with plenty glass to skate
I'm so glad they hate, it make me shine mo'
Spitting hits and talking shit, to make my shine grow
I puff pounds though, of that fine dro
On spinning rims, when I stop they rewind slow
Check my chest it's a mess, you could find snow
My wrist lit like a light, where the time go
Yup I mean my watch, I got schemes and plots
Calicoes AK's, and infra beams on glocks
Don't make me pop off, and show you what that thang do
I'm rolling with the same crew, that's crawling everything blue
Don't make me pop off, and show you what that thang do
I'm rolling with that same crew, that's crawling everything blue

I put the snow up in a bag, and seal it in a zip-lock
Head to the kitchen, get harder than a grip lock
Grab the pyrex, and dump in the caine mayn
Then add a lil' water, work magic like Blaine mayn
Now that's the recipe, to cook up killer
I'm on the grind, if you niggaz trying to look up Killa
I'm on the corner, like a street light
I'm like a box of Crayolas, Kyleon keep white
I keep ice, like an ice tray
Diamonds shining like the sun, got me looking like a nice day
Boyz N' Blue, Mr. Rogers on the turntables
Boys N' Blue, Mr. Rogers on the turntables
Boyz N' Blue, Mr. Rogers on the turntables
You had your turn, now move back it's our turn haters
0-5, now belongs to them Blue guys
Fuck doing a mill, them Outlawz trying to do five
And pull up in some'ing new, like a blue five
Doors to the sky, hopping out looking too fly

I came up from nothing, worked my way up to the top
Now I step on the scene, with a chest full of rocks
Hustle hard for my spot, can't let a nigga take it
Every mic that I touch, it's fa sho I'ma break it
Got these hoes getting naked mayn, taking off they clothes
Ain't no such thang as love, cause I'm knowing that they hoes
Need a glass set of fo's, so I could throw em on a Lac
Hit the park on a Sunday, show them boys how to act
18's in the back, banging hard in the trunk
Boss Hogg Outlawz, yeah we known for pulling stunts
Better act like you know, when them Hoggs hit the do'
Make one wrong move, then we leaving with your hoe
Take her straight to the Mo', introduce her to click
Take my piece out my pants, introduce her to some dick
We some playas round here, tossing hoes counting riches
Y'all niggaz know the motto, it's money over bitches what

[Slim Thug:]
Slim Thee's the reason, it's Outlaw season
Gon get use to what you seeing, cause my click ain't leaving
I be breathing the best smoke, receiving the best throat
Blue boys getting mo' rich, and leaving the rest broke
The key's in let's go, the ride and drive
Long as my niggaz on my side, we gon soul survive surprise
I'm on my block, in the CL-5
Old folks use to joke, say I wouldn't be alive
Alive to see 25, well here I am motherfuckers
Break the bank no more chuckles, I told you I had hustle
I told ya that I'ma get it, I told ya that I'ma shine
Now I'm up here, looking down
Bad bitches from high school, take a look at who's cooking now
Thangs change, bet you bitches ain't tooken now
I'm a motherfucking, beast in the streets
Done a few shows, and now I can't count all my new hoes
And stuck dick, in the throat of these slut chicks
That you call yours, y'all gals all whores
But bitches still ain't shit, but hoes and tricks
You know Thugga, trying to get mo' rich mo' quick g'eah

[Hook: x2]
Boyz N' Blue, who the fuck are you
We the Boyz N' Blue, who the fuck are you
I'm a gangsta, young thug nigga
And no I don't play, when it comes to my scrilla
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