Presidential Flow

Boss Hogg Outlawz

G'eah Slim Thugger, Killa Kyleon, C. Ward
PJ, Daily, we the Boyz N Blue

[Slim Thug:]
Yeah we stacking that green, naw I mean
Big Boss, and that Outlaw team
Pulling up clean, blue with the screens
Niggaz ain't seen, another crew this mean
Take it back to the North, back with the Boss
Been wrecking decks, since back at the House
Haters disrespect, getting smacked in the mouth
Niggaz play hard, but they acting they soft
How we ride, with the steel
Fuck with us, and you gon get killed
From the land of the trill, yeah we represent the Tex
Don't bar plex, come playing get checked
Get your hoe ass wrecked, trying to bring it to the Boss
I'll get your ass done, it don't matter what it cost
We floss that blue, do it for the crew
Old school Caddy, or the new slabs too
Paul Wall what it do, Who Mike Jones
Boys mad at us, cause we getting our shine on
Put it in they face, put em in they place
Gotta let em know, who the leaders of the race
Boss Hogg Outlawz, stacking that change
Jackers be aware, we packing that thang
Run your ass up, and I'ma rat-a-tat mayn
I ain't playing no games, I'ma aim for the brain

It's PJ, the Rap Hustler
Going off, on these player hating suckers
I'm from the Nawf, side of town
Boys bout it over here, we on the grind
I came up, it feel good
Ain't a damn thang changed, I'm still hood
Boss Hogg, Outlawz
Fake niggaz, put your back against the wall
Doing shows, pimping hoes
Pulling out, on a glass set of 4's
What we ride, that blue
What we bang, that Screw
Big piece, full of ice
Boyz N Blue, nothing nice
I go off, I go hard
It's whatever, I don't bar

[Sir Daily:]
Here come Daily, in that wide frame thang
Sliding down the block, with a fine dime mayn
Times ain't changed, so these chickens still clocking dollas
But I tell em what I'm bout, hit the twat and holla
I'm a Boss Hogg nigga, we all of that
One hitter quitter nigga, who don't call em back
And when they see me, they be like Daily you wrong for that
Cause he don't speak, he just say move along get back
That's my team, on the scene
On glass, with the screens looking mean
On dro, with the lean
Boss Hogg Outlawz, the number one team

[Chris Ward:]
I'm C-Wiggy, my flow be jiggy
These niggaz mad at me, just because they girls dig me
I got so many clothes, I dress fresher than most hoes
So many shoes, I give Michael Jordan the blues
So many furs, some his and some her's
I do what I does, cause I does what I do
I pop tags like trunks, on slabs
Peel back tops, like unhealed scabs
Throwing up the deuce, and giving real niggaz daps
If haters run up, then them punks can catch jabs
(C. Ward you so ghetto), my nigga that's the truth
(and why's that hole in your car), my nigga that's the roof
(and why my ears keep bleeding), my nigga that's them speakers
(why you got mirrors on your tires), my nigga that's them sneakers
(and why your car look like a serpent), my nigga that's the paint
(and why's it foggy inside), my nigga that's that stank
You see these major labels, want me worse than the FED's
Cause my flows feed niggaz, like jail house spreads
These hoes call me Simon, cause they do what I says
Plus I got my money long, like Jamaican dreads
I'm Chris Wizzard, I go so hizzard
Stay away from phonies fakers, haters and frizzauds
Rappers mad at me, cause my flow is like a retard
But really I think, it's cause I done cut up they brizzoads

I'm MVP, Kyleon the one
It's Outlaw season, Kyleon Lebron
Badge on my neck, just shining like the sun
Put the heat to the sheet, and cook a beat till it's done
I get paid when I rap, this not a freestyle bro
I got a paid style, not a freestyle flow
Ten thee for the show, fifteen for the flow
And another fifteen, if you wanna sco' blow
I got bills got drank, and a connect on the dro
That's why the diamond chain, look like a neck full of snow
In a wide body Lac, and I'm next to your hoe
With her head in my lap, and she pecking me slow
Got the pop trunk glowing, and the bumper kit huh
Ice pack on my wrist, like a nigga shit's sprung
Bout to call lost and found, cause my top missing
I done made it disappear, just like a magician Killa
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