Now It's My Time

Boss Hogg Outlawz

Uh yeah, PJ rap hustling uh yeah
Boss Hogg Outlawz, in your face baby
Check me out

PJ nigga, I know it's my time
Niggaz mad at they women, cause they feeling my rhymes
Cause I ride on the track, collide with the track
Step up in the booth, spit fire on the track
Smashing on the gas, stashing up my cash
Fuck with my click, I'ma smash on your ass
Rolling over haters, folding up paper
I'm a Boss Hogg Outlaw, strong arm for paper
Hitting every city, me and my committee
Fear no man, if you want me come get me
I'm the rap hustler, make cowards suffer
If you piss me off, you gon see a head buster
My team is the shit, bitch I know you can tell
A lil' while back, I was sitting in a cell
Now I'm making moves, doing what I choose
You bitch made niggaz, couldn't survive in my shoes
I'm staying on top, refuse to be stopped
And when I fuck the game up, I'm closing down shop
No time to waste, I'm on a paper chase
Nigga better stay in place, 'fore I catch a murder case
My time homie, stay in line homie
If you don't grind, then you don't shine homie
It's been a long time, but a young nigga back
Fuck selling crack, yo I'm hustling with rap nigga

[Hook x2]
On my grind putting it down, feeling fine
Wrecking since '93, still unsigned
Gotta shine, for my niggaz locked down
It's time for my G's, six under the ground what
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