Floss With Da Boss

Boss Hogg Outlawz

PJ in this bitch, watch me hold it down
Strapped up muddy cup, when I'm rolling round
Lil mama looking fine, come and floss with a boss
Candy gloss paid the cost, all win no loss
Candy blue baby, coming through baby
Top down trunk open, banging Screw baby
I thought you knew baby, that H-Town off the chain
Sipping syrup blowing herb, on the corner pushing caine
Young nigga maintain, stack your paper and chill
Don't even trip, when them niggaz hating on you for real
Keep your mind on your scrill, hand on your steel
When a nigga try to test you, then you let him know the deal
Sipping drank po'ing up, Hypnotic got me throwing up
Haters talking down, cause they see a nigga blowing up
44 where I'm at, 7-90 that's my set
Money ain't shit, if you ain't got no damn respect
I'm a killa a hustler, a straight up head buster
I'll never change my ways, I'm a ghetto motherfucker
I'm a roller, Boss Hogg soldier
In this rap game, PJ done got colder
Syrup in my soda, white cup holder
I'm the rap hustler, writing flows in my folder
Now the game over, I'm sticking to the script so don't trip
Cause I'll empty out my clip, now let's flip
And hit the strip, time to turn me some heads
Some riding blue, some riding red
I ain't scared hit my stash spot, and pull out my pistol
If your ass try to jack, then your family bout to miss ya
I'ma get you I'ma hit you, cause I'm cold like a shanker
Get paid in full, like that boy Mekhi Phifer
Ghetto dreams triple beams, big cars sitting mean
Trying to get stay committed, everything ain't what it seems
Roll the green pour the lean, time to get fucked up
I'm a baller shot caller, shit throw your bucks up
Nigga what I'ma stunt, live my life to the max
Keep wrecking these tracks, keep stating these facts
Back back move around, bitch niggaz lay it down
PJ, Boss Hogg taking over H-Town
We gon grind we gon shine, take advantage of our time
Seems like I get better, everytime that I rhyme
Smoke a dime sip a pint, mix the drank with the Sprite
Put your phone on vibrate, we gon party all night
Got the Hennessey and Alize, this is how we parlay
Dominos dice games, girls stripping wanna play
Everyday all day, this is how I live mayn
Gotta take your time enjoy your life, that's for real mayn
Climbing up the hill mayn, work for the scrill mayn
Underground hustling, I ain't tripping bout no deal mayn

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