Badge On My Neck

Boss Hogg Outlawz

You know, if money could talk my nigga
It'd kinda sound, like this here mayn
That's me nigga, Killa Gorilla
B.H.O., we serving and collecting nigga run it

[Hook - 2x]
Big badge on my necklace, candy paint on my ride
I'm gripping Louis Va-Slugga, with peanut butter inside
I drop the top when I slide, I drop the top when I slide
Dr-drop the top when I slide, it make the boppers go crazy

You see I make money money, make money money money
Fuck with it, you gon take twenty bullets from me
Rubberband Banks, pockets full of dead honkeys
Addicted to carbohydrates, I'ma bread junkie
Only time I lose weight, when I'm pushing
Forgive me Lord, I might not be a saint but I'm pushing
Cup full of oil I'm bush'n, selling it like Arabs
Two diamond chains, look like they cabs
Blue over grey slabs, with the low pros on it
Fuck 3's, gotta be 4's when I roll on it
My money like wood, it's mandatory that I hold on it
And I keep a deaf ear, when a hoe want it
You got prop money, I got block money
So F-Y-I, Killa getting guac' honey
I'm a real baller, these boys just act like it
I heard talk cheap, but Killa got sacks pouches

[Hook - 2x]

Big chain big car, big money big bar
What I'm pouring up, cause I'm a big star
Fly cat, you can find me where that sky at
G-4 leering through kush clouds, I'm on a fire sack
Money talk, I'm all ears for the convo
I got the coke but not the one, come with your combo
I'm so dope boy fresh, I got em on deck
I'm talking bout stacks, where the rubberbands at
Like T.I.P, I do it B-I-G
Cause I'm a bad boy, off in the V.I.P.
With top models I pop bottles, and I swallow
The best champagne, that money can buy me
If you think a nigga slipping, come and try me
And I'ma oput the bluck-blucka, to a bitch's body
And send a bitch nigga body, to the sky like Heidie
Then hit the presidential suites, while you chill off in the lobby

[Hook - 2x]

I hear you talking cash shit, but you sounding like foreigners
Dead presidents on me, call Killa coroner
Spender and a lender, y'all niggaz just borrowers
So all your cheap talking, don't bother us
I got VVS do', y'all niggaz got flaws
Pockets full og big Franks, and I ain't talking hot dogs
Kyle's style hot dog, yeah but not yall's
That's why my money talk, and y'all pockets lock jaw

[Hook - 2x]
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