Get In Ya Brains

Boss Hogg Outlawz

PJ rap hustling, let me get in your brains
On my game having thangs, with my Boss Hogg gang
Dope like some cocaine, watch me bleed the block
Yo I'm thoed in the game, you can like it or not
I won't stop bitch I'm hot, watch the stores sell out
Yo I could take a dime rock, and work my way to a block
Yo I'm fresh off lock, back to claim my spot
Bout it bout it sipping Hypnotic, till I pass out
I'm the cream of the crop, I'm the icing on the cake
Watch how many hoes I break, when my 24's skate
Paint wet like a lake, I'm a candy boy
Catch my swanging trunk banging, in a candy toy
Top down blue line, yo I love this shit
In the club getting love, from the thugs and shit
What the hell I can't help it, I'm a ghetto ass nigga
I was taught the wrong wheel, fuck hoes and stack scrilla nigga
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