Back To Front

Boss Hogg Outlawz

[Hook - 2x]
Back-back to the front, and to the side
In a Lac-Lac with a blunt, now where the light

I'm in a Lac coming down, I'm gripping grain
Candy paint fifth and grill, on swangs
Hit a button trunk up, see the bang
Neon lights glowing what it say, I'm doing my thang
Southside Dead End, that's what I claim
Where 1-0-7 block nigga, that's where I hang
H-Town, home of the Rockets and the Texans
And we got the cheapest prices, cause we cop em from the Mexicans
Boys mug be on mean, when my drop in they direction
I got bananas on the choppers, I'll pop you if you plexing
My cigarella full of kush, cup full of drank
Layed back in the Lac nigga, fuck what you think

[Hook - 4x]

[Slim Thug]
I push a big candy Lac when I ride, layed back on the hide
Trunk cracked beating that, front back side to side
I'm looking super tight, mashing through the red light
Puffing on the purple haze, trying to get my head right
Boss of the block, I got the city locked
Got Killa counting up the scrilla, big gorilla knots
Blue toys when I swang, with the Boyz N' Blue gang
Police piece and chain, coming down holding grain
Pop trunk with the bang, while I change like the lane
Looking like a blue train, mayn money ain't a thang
You know the name, Slim Thugga motherfucker
Not a rapper I'm a hustler, acting bad on these suckers

[Hook - 4x]

[Sir Daily]
I'm in a candy fleet Caddy, on the dro sweet from Cali
Two prones trailing, and the fleet looking glassy
Everybody asking, who them boys there is
Po'ing up muddy cups, while the ball bats twist
Wood grain in my fist, wirst lit like a light
Fifth swang in my kit, as I sit at the light
I'ma drop it I'ma pop it, as I mash on the throttle
No soda straight lean, as I'm passing the bottle
S-I to the R, that Blue Boy star
You could see me from afar, I know you know who we are
So finessed in my whip, with a vest and a clip
I'm the king like Tip, as I strut down the strip nigga

[Hook - 8x]
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