6 Foot 7 Foot


Excuse my persona green tea Arizona's skins cappuccino
Whether like to mix a mocha neck ain't' even froze up
But I'm loco with my locas plus my wifey drive me crazy
So i called that girl my shoffer hit the beat sammy sosa
Swagger leanin' like a poster she sittin' on my lap

And say its comfy like her sofa shootin like a pistol
Plus she hold me like a holster she says
I got the neck so i call her my sherona
These rappers never get it i tell em' get off my scrotum
They worshipin my pole like its religious totem

Is it living so nice you dudes are right behind my jeans
If your lifes great mine is greater with no tiny cheese
Yaw confuse my eyes and think that pryde
Just be curt chinese still got ya shortie
Bendin down like she trynna tie her sneaks prizzy
Keep on doin this pullin crazy music

Chicks reapin for my asians
Until the day i die stupid rich
Hundred thousand youtube hits
So haters all will get destroyed
Young prizzy or young pretzel boy

Oh my god where my head go
All fans vote me no pedro
Gotta race in the game and you dudes all last

And you never had a vote in ya life
Tho futuristic i ride with the best flow
Been doing this since the getcho its spectro
Deck i'm the best at deck got the wu tang check
Yo neck flow wait stop the instrumental

Put the beat back on let me get tho
Put the doves in the air like you just don't care
Even if i ain't reapin for the west coast
Don't you like it when i go fast broke
Boy still reapin up with no cash

Never smoke but the boy got dope
Raps all you dudes be hatin go hold sacks
The drama popper i'm kinda proper
You gotta watch ya back i'm flawless

Go suck my willy willy no wonka wonka
Get me wrong on 50 songs kill em all physical
If g's move in silence than i'm louder
Than an intercome if you hate the new me

Go and find the new russ prizzy
Be that big yellow roller no skool bus
Imma about to wreck the beat cook
It with no recipe yes i do light up
Like thomas edison invented me
Yeah the ryhmes are hot but my whole spirit
Is decembery mars music nhb

Got no paper cause no money always be on absence
Homie real geeks don't wear number squad glasses
Never touched the pot not a fan of ceramics
Wipe away you greasy rap artists i'm fantastic

I'm as bout as good to canada as steve nash is
Or like drizzy drake i'm like the bootleg cause
I'm that sick massive my fames growing slowly on the internet
I'm considered as the best and i ain't reach a mili yet
Ask the freaking fans they'll freakin say

That pride is freakin fresh not alot to swear
But your girl said i'm the freakin best go hard
When i role through rappers don't want me
With their tofu dudes goin supersayin like goku
Killin all these beats that you produce

Right killin all the time plus i got this game
Steady on my mind hittin hard on ya
Let me take my time all you little bad boys

ain't got no shine wow
I'm really weird i'm proud
And your girl really wants me deep inside
So i tell her no get a descent mind

And i kill it all you dudes say
Oh my god god i be killin major contracts
I be signin' 6foot 7foot that's my hyper
When i'm ryhmin cause in this rap game i'm a giant
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