Wings Up


Wings up
Wings up
Somebody shut that place down

Oh my God who just came in
Coding ain't you basement
Flaming asian saying
Got these ladies going A-bitch
I'mma deed it ,am so gameless
I'm so branded,jury no name is
Every party we walk into is an aimless
'Cause we asian every city staying we robbing
Every party that I'm in, I'm the asian
Raver mano baby
Everybody loves ramen
You can't beat at tucan
Ridin' 'round in my Honda
Pulling in my Corolla
But I stunt like I'm in a Bugatti
Is that short tan chicky boy
That looks like he's a Jonas
Be banging mad secretaries
Have you slinding my outfits
Your girl be on her period
But she kissing where my collar is
Haters want to hate
But we don't even break face
'Cause the chicken are all over
They should position their lips
I'm Jordan,I'm Cobe
I'm everything you wanna be
Awesomely my chick look like
The economy, going down
Pick at a boy, I'm Charlie Brown
Slicker but I got that narly sound
Underestimating my culture now
Every movement looks like
It's a 4 East wow
I got alot of game
Your girl be hollaring
I got a flock of birds
'Cause I got that Wocka flame
I could bring
Tell it to the table
If you ask for it
In the house in my back
For you and your kid
Now take that Mort

Oh my, I do it
Hates want a bit of me
Since you visit my youtube
I could say it went down in some history
Methafors and simalies be tearing up
These rad cats
Strands are sweaty black
Hairy sticking out in my snack bag
Net beaf, I'm past that
Rough how I play
Sub tweeting people
That's what we call sub nowadays
I can't believe it, you serious
Where the good music go
Got the stupid flow, so musical
Have my lyrics like my girl so beautiful
Holy cow, punching like I'm rocking
With no watts so they call me brokey now
I won't stop 'till I'll be am wearing
Hugo and them rolex, go hard is what they told me
Some stoney,when I come them
Que pasa senioritas , we a team
That pleases D-cups in this dangles
Only one eye, no Leela
This a warm up for all them haters
That they tryin' to get right next to me
I'm rocking like suspectedly
I like this beat, goodbye

Pryde, Pryde, D
Pryde, Pryde, D
Pryde, Pryde, D
Pryde, Pryde
Wings up
Wings up
Put your wings up
Everybody in the god damn building
Let me see you put your wings up
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