No Hands


The way this music's movin
Got me in a trance
DJ turn me up
Ladies it's yo jam
Reppin for my city
And I don't give a damn
And I'm a do my thing
While you do it with no hands
I'm killer with the flow
They love the way my music goes
All you haters do is hate
And I'm just gonna grind
And I'll procede to get more fans

I say look ma no hands
This rap game is my romance
Mellowed out like a slow dance
Tell the city I'm poppin, slow rockin
I ain't angry but I flow mad
Oh you don't like me, well so sad
Whippin my hair like I'm Willow man
Fist pumpin like Pauly D, you got me
I'm so weird and they feel my steez
Haters I forget you Cee-Lo Green
Skinny dude from the Philippines that's me
Still do it dirty but my CD clean
Fans could dress up like colds on nasal
Got good music like I'm on Ye's label
Do it when I say so
Great rhyme great flow
Never get paid
I ain't all about the pesos
Got a nice chick that I wanna show and tell
Face like a model got a body like Giselle
And I'm probably gonna rob this little hottie oh well
Her man don't need her, it's the Asian Beiber
Tearin up your speakers, track so clean
Rhymes so dope and I'm past you fiends
Girl ain't got a booty but she's movin pretty sue me doin it with no hands, amputee
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