Forever (Youtube Remix) (feat. Traphik, Dumbfoundead & Ahmir)


[Chorus: Ahmir]
It may not mean nothing to y'all. (To y'all)
But understand nothing was done for me,
So I don't plan on stopping at all.
I want this shit forever man.
Sellin' this shit down at the mall,
They tell me down there,
Because they tell me she's the one for me,
And I ain't even planning call,
I want this shit forever man.

I gotta question
Can anybody answer it?
Who gotta flow sicker than cannibus if he was cancerous
Cameras get to flashing with
Every single new fan I get
Granny gets her panties wet
Seducing your mom 'til the family splits
I'm on a mission to take each girl
Ride her strong I've been savage like boy meets world
Jump on it like Apaches
I'm screaming out Geronimo
Obama flow
If you got boys I'm shutting 'em down Guantanamo
I speak the truth and that's why you scared
To mc's I'm E you see I'm you squared
And my bars is too heavy I don't need no muscles
I put pride in my tracks and I ain't talking 'bout Russell
My new shit is too hot
Y'all dudes be the phoniest
I'm too sick
My flu shot will give y'all dystonia.
We all know that hip-hop was starting to die
I'm taking it back for the future like Marty McFly
I do it for my peoples and they proud when I'm rappin'.
And tonight we gone party like it's 2011

Back mr. lyrically obscene and out of order,
2 milli I did it like Eli Porter,
After two videos crushing hip-hop sites,
Got the game on smash and I'm a world star,
And now rappers is using smilies to represent 'em
I think they biting but I don't mind 'em I pay attention
The blaze is dying something and need dime'up for some assistance
And they're just uptight because they're subscribers is single digits
For the losers,
I exude super fresh the tits embedded
Like the implants that's in the hooters
I know I'm random but,
What's more your marketing scandal
Or attempt to diss and then soundin' like soulja boy jr.
I'm skeetin' on your forum
Your blog can give me a b-job as I generate a code for support
The illest on the internet
And you ain't get it yet
Even in the present the president's rockin'
You wanna see it?

Call me youtube's Lebron James
I'm shooting for the stars and my bullets go long range
I have the heart of avatar and battle scars to prove it
Y'all just opened up a can of worms and I'm 'a start to lose it
Gotta bigger brain than Lil' Wayne
Make Drizzy sound like lil' zane
Make Eminem sound simple and throw Kanye out the window pane
I don't mean no disrespect
Recognize this kid is next
The internet's a little step to records, sex and bigger checks
Serve the world a la carte
See my victims fall apart
Y'all got fifteen seconds got long distance on my calling card
Rockwell over thousand shows,
Shock foreigners from round the globe
Apocalypse flow 2012
Y'all never heard dumbfounded though
Let me teach y'all a thing or two
Make y'all look like English students.
Never thought you needed tutors, untill you heard the teacher's stupid.
Witness a man in his prime
Doing his shit one fan at a time
Standing in line I ain't taking shortcuts
Y'all are slow so take the shortbus
For us buyers you can call me the people's champ
Livin' the dream for all y'all out there scared to take a chance

[Prince Ea:]
Do I want this shit forever?
Or just a couple seasons
Maybe neither
Maybe I should crash my jeep now
And wake from dreamin'
I'm doing eighty even speeding down these corners burning rubber
I can feel Satan breathing down my neck
They're just pleading for me to stop but I can't
This shit is crazy
And there's the cops, aww fuck I can't believe it.
I ain't stopping no
I ain't going back up in that prison
Plus I left the heater underneath the seat since the weekend
See you wonder why us famous people always stay with needles
It's 'cause this life right here is crazy homie believe it
After I sign a deal I didn't have to raise a finger
Everybody did what I said
'Cause what I said they believed it
All them fellas show me love
And all the women show me cleavage
The kids knew all my songs word for word and said I was Jesus
But I wasn't leading them to freedom
I was teaching them to keep reaching for things
With no significance and meaning
It was greed that made me poison my own people with these records
I gotta end it all fuck it no more being selfish
The bridge is just after this intersection
So do I want this shit forever?
Nah just a couple more seconds

And this is what you all been waiting for
I'm patient but I'm gonna just take it, the lyrical asian
Is gonna make things feel sore.
Play this all you racists I'm 'a go show you who's the nut in town
Shut it down
Boom I'm a' show all you why I fuck around
And now the end is near
Put you all in trembling fear
To all you who think I'm cocky and fucking obnoxious
Let me just get this clear
That shit is old news
I don't bow to no dude,
Wanna call me cocky
Come and put yourself in my cold shoes
A punch line doesn't make me major or ruthless
All I need to do is be real into what I say in my music
They used to make fun of my dreams
And they would say that they're stupid
But now I mastered entertainment
Bet you name it I do it
And I've crossed so much in this field to get success
I wonder when the fuck am I gonna really give up yet
But people call me out and think I stand there,
But fuck that
It's time to take a stand 'cause I'm a man with enough stress
In these fighting generations
Show everyone I'm famous
Displaying the fact I'm crazy
I'm raised up in entertainment
To all you racist haters and fakers who think you're major
Get your knees on, shaked. Embrace it.
And bow by the time I'm famous.
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