Ready Set Go


Nowadays I want women that aren't mine
And a woman that would leave her man for me
Is hard to find
No matter what the issue is
I just want their issue to stop
But if I screw their issue up
She gonna need a tissue box
Heart breaker, home wreaker
A.K.A a lonely rapper who don't know better
Loving brother, dependent son
It seems I have obtained everything great
Except for love
And you just keep thinking don't you
Me with a heart, Oh don't even start,
Oh boy that's old news
Try to take a walk in these cold shoes
You wouldn't last an hour
You won't move
Everything happens for a reason
And I find that so true
Kandra,Erica,Ashley don't let me get to the sish
Filling a table dreadful
Every time I name jump and get the match in the chest
Just let me do it anyway will it hurt to the strangers
Will it help me look the way, like a personal trainer
Don't give up too soon
'Cause these fans are my youtube
And used to miss me
Life is hard ,money makes it harder
Mister Chao ,Aben Arthur's
Another night where Jason pais
And then I feel this guiltiness
I wanna take away
When he's pullin' out that silver car
I wanna make a difference and I chose my heart
Helpless in the moment and I'm all hurt now
I just saw it in the future where it all worked out
I wish I could pay for every bill we see
I wanna help a mom just bring in out the real me
This girl she texted me, and she said that she
Feels guilty about our night out
She had a man for a year
I gonna stand she ain't here
But if I try I could probably knock the lights out
I miss family, I miss mom and dad
I miss my house, and my old street
Hate boyfriends, I hate being broke
I hate people just frontin' like they know me
Well voice feels hoarse
From the club last night
Empire state of mind came up
God damn I had tears in my eyes
I told Jay he saved my life
He used laced and I don't think he heard
But I can wait until we all rich
We we make it, we'll see haters
Then we'll flip the bird like wassup
One hour flight, ten hours bus ride
Looking at the window its a city
God damn this is NY,wassup
Bright lights, nice girls,
Big towers , nice streets,wassup
No money,no girl, no smell, no fam,no bills
Like wassup
And I need to make a dollar out of dream
So for the game you know I'm practicing
Money doesn't buy you a smile under your face
But it will get you crazy happiness
Keep running young man
The world is yours
You're a threat bro
Ready set go
Ready set go
Ready set go
It's what you're here to do
Ready set go
Keep running young man
It's what you're here to do
Ready set go

I already did it
And they already know
They gave me the rights
I gave them a show
Ready set go
Ready set go
I'm gonna run
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