Palisades Parkway Flow


Gonna, Yeah
I ain't been sleeping too much
My family still hasn't seen me in two months
I'm coming home soon, I'll sickly arrange
But I don't want my loving mother really thinking I changed
But things did,though, and I can't lie
Things are different now you met more than the last time
But I've been growing up more a thing
That's why you're my surrender to getting smaller
Things than cap size
Chillin' with the baddest women you laid eyes on
Flirting and laughing in the mix to playing my songs
But still I know if I ain't rapping with a filmin'
It's a ceiling but still I stay with it
They don't build it nor make them like what you observ oppressively
'Cause they ain't seeing greatness or perspectively
Shutted the mouths of many rappers that would mess with me
Knowing Steve Urkel and Jet Li's baby was direct to be
It's funny how these cats think they're all up in the game
Getting 14k on twitter they try to stunt like they're so famous
This is crazy it's so difficult I'm really tryin' to show you
They told me fame comes with a price, but boy that's old news
It's bad to say , but that statement's feeling so true
I lost so many friends 'cause of money you never know who will
Stick by you and who will feel when to go
'Cause time only knows when your real friends will show
And lately it's been so crazy, 'cause I'm swearing through these answers
And instead I spend this money on this girl who doesn't matter
Ladies,I'm tiggled up Come right in,I've been looking for a wife
And not a one night stand
And if we're distant you gonna have to try to put up with my buzz
And in fact you'll only see me only two times in a month
And the money so right, if you catch me at a good time
Still working while these other rappers took 5
Dressing designly, rich and defined speech
This ain't a regular button up, this why 3
And that's material, this really ain't an issue when
I never claimed her nor been to what the gangsters been through chase
Telling me this only takes a matter of time
But how long will I be bottling these cancerous rhymes
I spit dope, even coke, you can bag 'em in dimes
Sell 'em to fiends and have them running damn laps is too find
More,doesn't the view look nice
Feels like you have just discovered breathing again
And times for games is temporary and I think that's really scary
Got my eyes open 'cause I'm like not seeing again
I ain't drinking alchool but damn I might taste grapes
'Cause I'mma drink some Arizona but this wine taste great
Louie belts keep our pants up,what's happening
Toronto chop with the swag's Manhattan is
Rose woods style, this is wimzical
Time to settle but I know the life of living rogue
It's seems like all the women I desire do not want me
And the ones I don't want seem to hunt me
Palisades Parkway Flow , we park way slow
Then pull up and start stunting on these broadway hoes
We so hoe shop,looking so so hot
Life's a bigger picture that's been photoshoped
I got dames is waiting for the fact that
I'm mistaken for a rich dude 'cause
I'm in cars that I hardly can afford
Hungry ass artist tryin' to pull four wheels
On the ride to treat these rappers on a full course meal
I got that fifth ave. influence with broadway clothes
But I'm staying on that palisades parkway flow
If you wanna see the life that I be living
And the birds cross the Washington Bridge
And just observe,Prizzy
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