Somebody Loves You (feat. Tupac)


Somebody loves you baby, Oh Oh oh Oh!
Somebody loves you baby, oOoOoOoh! [x2]

You changed my life,
From the first time I met ya,
From being just a average little punk,
To something better.
Now together, we forever stare
But now you're gone,
But still you made me a better man,
And girl I thank you,
From the times I be suicidal,
You gave me guidance,
So I really knew that you would ride to,
Puttin up with my shit.
And I needed you here,
You always showed me the light,
We weren't lovers,
But you knew that we were homies for life.

But I wanna tell you how I really feel,
About your presence,
Even when my life was stressin,
You always sending me blessings.
Visions of you
Baby maybe I'm forgiven,
I know it's better than heaven,
Cause being here ain't livin,
But you helped me through the game, ya know
Through the fire, right beside you
When the flame would grow.
But since you left
I'm just missin livin,
And just kickin it with ya,
But remember that I love you baby boo,
And yes I miss you,
You are appreciated.

[Chorus x2]

It would be my destiny to be lonely,
And checkin 40's hoochies that be on me,
Couse they phony.
With you it's different,
I got no need to be suspicious,
Couse I could tell,
My life with you would be delicious
The way you lick your lips and shake your hips,
Got me addicted.
I'm sittin' here hopin we could find some way to kick it
Even though I got your digits,
Gotta struggle to resist it,
Slowly advance,
When it's my chance,
Not to miss it,
You blow me kisses.
When he ain't lookin,
Now your hearts tickin,
My only wish is that you change your mind,
And leave hima shook
I wanna take you there,
But you scared to follow,
Come see tomorrow,
Hoping I could take you through the pain and sorrow,
Let you know I care,
And someones dead for your struggle.
Depend on me,
When you have needs or this struggle,
I wanna give up happiness,
And maybe even more,
I told you before,
No time to waste,
We can hook up at the store.

[Chorus x2]
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