It's All Right With Me

Natalie Cole

It's the wrong time
And the wrong place
Though your face
Is charming
It's the wrong face
It's not her face
But such
A charming face
That it's
All right with me

It's the wrong song
In the wrong style
Though your smile
Is lovely
It's the wrong smile
It's not her smile
But such
A lovely smile
That it's
All right with me

You can't know
How happy
I am that we met
I'm strangely
Attracted to you
There's someone
I'm trying
So hard to forget
Don't you want
To forget someone

It's the wrong game
With the wrong chips
Though your lips
Are tempting
They're the wrong lips
They're not her lips
But they're
Such tempting lips
That if some night
You are free
Then it's all right
All right with me
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