Natalie Cole

(Verse One)
You've got changing faces
That never leave a clue
Two of those hiding faces
Locked inside of you
We made love so cruel
You go running off in the night
To keep things undercover
But I saw her in the light
And I discovered your...

In your heart
You'll hear 'em knocking at your door
Secrets in the dark
Will come on creeping

(Verse Two)
Oh, there is no escape, don't you know
She'll come back to haunt you
And she will seal your fate
As my memory will taunt you
Your mysterious exhibitions
I couldn't figure out before
And then I felt her kiss upon you
She was the key that unlocked the door
Into the world of your...

(Repeat Chorus)

Secrets in your heart
She'll come on knock, knocking for more
Secrets in the dark (whoo-whoo-whoo)
Voices in the dark cry out your

(Instrumental Break)

I wouldn't find out your...

(Repeat Chorus with ad-libs and fade)
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