Nobody's Soldier

Natalie Cole

(Verse One)
Ooh, I walked away from you
Once before
I still see you
Standing at the door
Trying to find the strength
To say goodbye to you
Maybe we were wrong
Gotta find what's right for me
Oh, yes we were brave
To find our separate ways
But these days are under
Who's gonna run, for I am...

Nobody's soldier
Marching to the rhythm
Of a lonely heart
I am nobody's soldier
And my melody's over
I'll be nobody's soldier

(Verse Two)
Life itself is war enough
I can't win for you
You can't lose for me
Broken hearts and dreams
We left along the way
Will only give a strength
To fight another day
Maybe I just lived too hard
And loved too much
But fighting, win or lose
I'll be...

(Repeat Chorus)

Where do we begin
To learn to live again?
Find a place for me
And one day we'll be free

(Sax Solo)

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah


When lovers part, they leave
Their broken dreams behind
And their wounded hearts to heal
Still I'm...

(Repeat Chorus with Ad-Libs and Fade)
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