Can We Get Together Again

Natalie Cole

Really enjoyed ya, yes, i did
We got to get together and do it all again some time
Though it's been quite a while since we've been together
I can't get you right off my mind
So i'm simply asking you, baby, can we get together
Oh gee, can we get together again
I wanna know, when can we get together
Some day (some day), some way (some way)
You're a miracle boy, that's what you are (hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo)
You're that part of me that i been missing (hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo)
Before you came along i was alive, that's true
But i was just barely, barely attempting, yeah
Can we get together, baby, baby
Please can we get together again
Oh, when can we get together
Some day, (some day) some way (some way)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You brought so much sunshine, yeah
Into this empty life of mine
I'm pray the day will call when we get together again
Stop me from easing and blocking and squeezing
Stop me from pushing, and loving, and pushing
Come on, (can we get together) yeah yeah
(baby, baby, please) yeah, yeah, yeah
(can we get together again)
You know that you and me should be together
(when can we get together) oh
Yeah, yeah, together, baby, (some day)
Baby, baby you and me (some way)
You and me better (can we) get together (get together)
(baby, baby, please can we)
We better get together (get together again), oh, yeah
Let's get together, (when can we) oh, yeah, (get together)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, (some day)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (some way)
(can we) oh, (get together) let's get together
Baby, (baby, baby, please can we) you and me should be
(get together again)
Together, baby, baby, you and me
(when can we get together) should be
Together, baby, baby, we should really
(some day) really be together
Baby, (some way) oh, oh
(can we) yeah, yeah, yeah, (get together)
Yeah, yeah, (baby, baby, please)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, (can we) yeah
Ooh, (get together again) real soon, you
(when can we get together) you
Come home to me soon, (some day)
Real soon, real soon (some way)
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