I'm Catchin' Hell

Natalie Cole

Tonight, I, I just want to talk to the ladies, oh fellows your cool but girls

If you've got a good man, you'd better keep him,

Oh I know you're saying right now, what does she know

Who is she to tell me about my situation, well, I don't know your situation

But whatever it is, you should try to stay together

You know that big argument that you had the other night, remember

Well, today its not nothing, just don't let him leave you honey

Cause then you'll find out that it wasn't those real big things you loved about him

It was the real small things, go on and laugh but its true

You know, things that you've seen a thousand times around the house

But never paid any attention to, like helping with the groceries

And helping in the yard and painting and repairing and huh, paying the bills

But you know now, all I have is memories and regrets

I could have given our love a chance to grow but no

I had to challenge it and be heard (oh), let me tell you something

That female liberation stuff, I don't know, sometimes I don't think its worth it

And I'm really feeling, feeling kind of bad yaul, I'm catching hell living here alone

Hmm, I never realized, oh Lord, that you mean so much to me

I'm catching hell living here alone, I want you to come back baby

Come back cause here's where you belong, oh yeah

If I could replay, if I could replay that whole scene again, oh well

You know that I would never, never say it again, that our love, our love is at its end

And oh, you know that I would kind of ease on back, yes I would

And let confusion pass on by, I took moves well, oh yeah

Without one good reason why, I'm catching hell, catching hell

Lord I'm living, living, living here alone, Alone, lone, I didn't believe it could be

You know all the pressure on me, all the time, oh, I'm catching hell, well, well

Living here alone, lone, lone, lone, lone, lone, lone, to tell you the truth

To tell you the truth I'm going out of my mind---, yeah, oh do you hear me tonight

I don't have too (this is my story) much more to say except

Somebody (hey, this is my song) told me that if you've got something

That's good to you And you don't use it (sad, sad) you might lose it (sad, song)

(Song, so sad) So girls hold on to your good thing (Oh), (you gotta hold on a little bit now)

And don't let go, oh---do you hear me tonight, It's so sad living alone

Living alone (Hmm), hold on to your good thing, hold on, (well, well) oh yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah---oh, oh, oh, Lordy, Lordy do you know what its like

Catching hell, (somebody turn up the microphone, oh---), Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no
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