Good Morning Heartache

Natalie Cole

Woh, woh, ha, yeah, hmm---, oh
Good morning heartache, you old gloomy site
Good morning heartache
Thought we said goodbye last night
I tossed and turned until it seemed that you had gone
But here you are with the dawn
Hoo, wish I'd forget you, but you're here to stay, yeah
It seems I met ya, when my love had gone away
I start each day out just by saying to you
Good morning heartache, what's new
Stop haunting me now, can't shake you no how
Why don't you just leave me alone
I've got those Monday blues
those straight through Sunday blues
Oh, good morning heartache, here we go
Here we go, here we go again, well
Good morning heartache
You're the one who knew me when
I guess I might as well get used to you hanging around
Good morning heartache, I see you're back in town
Good morning heartache, why don't ya sit on down, sit down ------
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