Just Can't Stay Away

Natalie Cole

Here I am baby, right back in your arms, yeah

What is it 'bout your love that draws me to you

And though this is not the first time I've ever wanted to get away, no

Oh, but the magic of your love just would not let me stray

So I find that I just can't stay away from you, baby, (from you) ooh, yeah

You see, I just can't stay away from you

Let me tell you I've been through a lot of changes

You see, my Momma scorned me and my closest friends

Oh Lord, you know they warned me

They said you're no good for me, but I just ignored it

Yes I did, 'cause I didn't have time, no time to sit around and decide what to do

You know, when someone controls your mind

There's not much you can do

So you see that's why I (just can't) just can't stay away (stay away)

Oh, oh (from you) from you, oh Baby

Hold me Darling, hold (just can't) me Darling, I can't stay away from (stay away) you

I don't wanna (from you) from you

I've tried and I've tried, and I've tried, I've tried and I've tried, and I've tried, Baby

(When you come close to me, yeah)

I remember, I can remember somebody said it

They said it many, many, many (when you come close to me, yeah) years ago

That when love gets in your blood, you'll find it's hard to let go

And oh, I (just can't) Baby, I (stay away)

Can't (from you) you see it in my eyes

'Cause I'm wanting you, needing you, ho

Baby, I (just can't) I don't wanna (stay away)

Stay away (from you) from you

From you, you, you, you, you

It's not in my power to leave you

You control the soul in me and I

(Just can't) That's exactly why I (stay away)

Can't stay away (from you) from you

Oh 'cause I'm wanting you, needing you, loving you

Baby, I'm down on my knees, (I just can't) hold me Darling

I'm (Stay away) begging you please, hold me, Darling

(From you) 'Cause I just can't stay from you, baby, no, no...
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