Peace Of Mind (The Candle Burns)

The Beatles

I'm looking at the candle, burns a flame to meet the sky.
I leave the candle laughing, I turn my face to cry.
A safety pin returns my smile, I nod a brief hello,
while you are building molecules with your garden hoe.

Why can't this last forever-these things repressed inside?
One feels it almost instantly, unless one of us died.
It's over, it's done, babe I need it again.
Just please, please, please, oh, don't keep me from begin.

I need to hear the colors red and blue and whispered word.
To fly all day and sing in tune and not hear what I'd heard.
To see you all around me and to take you by the hand,
and lead you to a brand new world that lately has been banned.

We'll build things never built before, we'll do things never done.
And just before it's over, it's really just begun.
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