25,000 Days

The Boomers

Well I'm thinking of who I am , and who I've been
What I've done yeah and what I've seen
My whole generation just kind of lost touch
All the peace and love didn't come to much

25,000 days on this journey you're given
Take away the ones you would like to forget
And it you count the days you were just making a living
Then you get down to it

I had a friend get religion now he smiles so well
He even smiles when says I'm going to burn in his hell
I'm what he might call a sinner, done most every one in his book
True some haven't felt so good, but some require another look

The more I learn the less I know
I don't mind being uncertain at the risk of being slow
People with all the answers aren't so easy to live with
I've seen how far they'll go to protect their myths
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