Modern Man

The Boomers

In the beginning there were problems
There was some regress
But evolution's taken care of what it thought was best
I got so much education that my head's overgrown
But my body's real small from every chemical known

I'm a modern man... I'm a modern man

I got machine that take me every place I want to go
I got machine that tell me everything I want to know
Well they make my life more easy than it was before
They control all of my functions that don't work anymore

I'm a modern man

Oh and I... I'm here all by myself
I don't seem to need anyone else
I don't socialize too well

I'm a modern man

If I go crazy if I'm too alone
I can take some of my cells and send away for a clone
If I use up all resources and there's nothing in store
Could be the last of my kind and
There won't be anymore

I'm a modern man... I am a... I am a...
I'm a modern man
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