While I'm Learning You

The Boomers

I'm learning how to read the signs
The ones that hide between the lines
When you need to hear me say it
And you're not asking me to say it

For quite some time I had no clue
Why I had to keep saying what we both knew
This silent request
Just reassurance I guess

So here I am feeling much the same
I need to hear you say those words, followed by my name
It keeps the tires burning, while I'm learning
It keeps the fires burning, while I'm learning you

I'm learning to apologize
Even when I don't know why
And when not to say a thing
With no understanding

And what is want and what is need
And what you really want from me
And if it's all of my affection
I could use a little direction

You could take me for granted and that's a fact
That's OK to say but don't act on that
Ideals rarely work the way we humans act
So that was a dumb thing to say, never mind
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