The Boomers

I've wasted time and I've wasted you
I own some wrong there's no denying
I have not done all you hoped I'd do
Constantly missing
What you were wishing
No longer listening

I, I don't believe in expectations
I, I see no redeeming grace
I, I feel only limitations
Trying to keep me in my place

And I, I am so much better
I, I am more than you can see
I, I know what's holding me together
It's what you'll never get from me

Who is this man you would have me be
And would you know him if you saw him
There was a time when you looked at me
Nothing was missing
All you were wishing
We both were listening

No longer will you make me feel you are more than me
No longer will you make my life an apology
No longer will I take something less than you expect of me
It's a two way street
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