Life Goes On

The Boomers

When you're full of yourself and
You've got the world in your hands
Life goes on
When you want something bad, while you're making plans
Life goes on

And what you thought was more ended up less
And even though you thought you could not miss
Only know the one sure thing is this
Life goes on

There are those you have wronged
And those you can never forgive
Life goes on
In spite of yourself some will love you as long as you live
Life goes on

And even though we've taken different paths
Always looking for some greener grass
So much sand had fallen through this glass

Life goes on, where you stood where you fell
Life goes on, in spite of yourself
Life goes on, somehow all is well
And life goes on

Over the years, there's so much I could confess
Life goes on
I have seen more, and I've seen much less
Life goes on

I can't recall exactly what we had
Remember mostly good things not the bad
And there is still some sweetness in the sad
Life goes on
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