Politically Correct

The Boomers

Better watch what I say, I wouldn't want to offend
If we ever spoke clearly, the world might end
Malevolent hearts could just be misunderstood
To comment on their carnage
Might appear rude

So let's call this retreat a negative advance
And say the loser couldn't lose
'Cause he didn't stand a chance
You ask me if I'll miss you when you're gone from me
I'll say I will but mean eventually

We're so politically correct, saying absolutely nothing
No position to suspect, giving absolutely nothing at all
Nothing at all

I wonder what you think but I'm afraid to ask
Don't want to intrude or take you to task
I hope you understand what I just can't say
You don't want to go and I can't ask you to stay

This is how it is but must it always be
I would love to hear you for once just disagree
And I would love to know what's between you and me

And so it goes on indefinitely
Me passing you and you passing me
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