Objectify Me

The Boomers

She knows the way I watch her all the time
That she is the object of my affection
It's the object part she cannot reconcile with her mind
Even though it's what led me in her direction

I'll feel no shame for what pleases the naked eye
Or drown in the murky waters of introspection
It can take a lifetime to know somebody on the inside
And even then so much goes without detection

Objectify me, without consequence
Objectify me, I'll take no offence
Objectify me, under any circumstance
I would not mind if you'd be so kind
As to objectify me

Are you asking me to be someone I'm not
To train my eyes to conceal intention
I'd hate this love to die without a warning shot
In some sorry test of my affection

I don't wish to simplify your concerns
Let's see eye to eye so no one will get burned
You personify my love, that's how I learn
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