Feel So Good


I've been waiting
I don't have
To wait no more
Found what
I was looking for
With you
I will spend my life
Standing by your side
No more lonely nights
At home
By the telephone
Now that I have you
I won't let you go
I will give you
All of me

You make me feel so good
(So good)
I always knew you would
Touch my spot
Make it hot
All over me
You make me feel so good
(So good)
I always knew you would
Be the one
To give me somethin'
I need it now
You make me feel so good

Baby I want you
When you hit the lights
Every time
You spend the night
In the morning
I always want some more
I can't get enough of you
My baby
I love the way you feel
You know
You got sex appeal
I can't help it
I can not say no
You know
You have all control

Everytime you touching me
(Everytime you touching me)
If I'm dreaming
Please don't wake me up
You mean so much to me
I want
To give you my all
Bring you close to me
There is no where else
I want to be
When you touch me
It sets me free
You take me up
I don't want
To come down

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