How do you suppose all of this happened
I used to be your number one hit
First you put me second after trappin'
U made a little dough then I was 5th Or 6th then 7th
I couldn't help but to laugh when your heart
Started to lose all of its strength
You used to be the only one on my list
And now you're wonderin' why you're 10th

I tryna get thru
You too confused
I've only ever been the main
I was finna be A little pissed
You can count on all of them Other chicks
You can count on me to just quit
I don't wanna be on that list,
No more

I don't wanna be on that
I don't wanna be on that list
Said I'm cool
I don't wanna be on that list
Number 1,not number 3 on that
Number 1,cuz i'm the best thing In your life
Boy you got me mixed up
Better rip that list up
Me on that list
No list
Got me no more
I'm cool

First off all i'm the bomb
Boy look around is ya dumb
And second i'm the one
You get everything from third of all know
Your mom told you that i'm the one
What you runnin around lookin for?
Must be drunk put down the 5th
And I can think of almost 6 times
7 digits almost 8 up your chance
You actin like your love
Got 9 lives
If it did ,so what?
You killed it more than 10
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