Learn The Hard Way


It's a shame you have to learn the hard way
Now I have to take my love away
U see, I could've made it easy
For you to become a part of me

You couldn't even say I'm sorry
For all the hurt and pain you caused me
Now I am supposed to give my deepest sympathy
You see, I had enough of cryin'
And I'm tired of all the lyin'
You see, I refused to let you take advantage of me, baby

Never took the time to think of
All the love that we have shared
I realized that most of the time
You were just not there
It was hard for me to see when
When your love was blinding me
But now I know I have to let you go your separate way

Things will never be the same
'Cause, baby, baby, you did me wrong
Hurts so bad I cant move on
Was it worth all your pain
'Cause, baby, you've got to pay
Got to learn the hard way
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