Fall Back


I gotta stay on the move
so this cat got more spots than a leopard-skin
Safes in the ceiling, I stash drugs and weapons in
Nigga I'm just steppin in
Already got boxes full of money like that movie that Johny Deep was in
id rather pull a gat than run
Cause what comes around goes around faster then a Gatlin gun
These broke nigga's say goin to Manhattan's FUN
I'm on punta cana shore wit a Latin one
That can suck a beach ball through a straw
act like a chipmunk and put nuts in each wall of her jaw, homie
I'm just tryin' to teach ya'll how to score
It's easy for me to pull up each fall in azures
And my dope send buyers from O.T.
They heard I got the same shit that cause slim buyers to O.D.
It's the young nigga that inspired the O.G.'s
In that H-2 wit thin tires and O.Z.'s
And ya'll got jewels but I doubt it's the same shine
My look like the sun and moon is out at the same time
Don't worry about the rumours that a broad this
When I ride around in the same John Travolta had in Swordfish
So fall back like you lost ya balance
I don't wanna have to toss with talons
But you cheap stylin'
And I'ma have to let the six-teen squirt
And make ya white tee look like a misken? shirt, nigga
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