I won't twist my mind to tell that we won't take it
Cause i never lie to you,
Ohh baby

I know we build our dreams, our future in the sand
Knowing they could wash away
But I don't care

Cause if those dreams do fade
I know, we're gonna dream our dream, yeah
We're only gonna live today
We're only gonna laugh today
So never be afraid again, ohhhhhh yeah
Come jump out of the plane with me
Cause life shall not lie today
We're only gonna live today, today, today...

You said I've got too much to lose, now
That i should be careful, now
Ohh no, what for?
I love the flashing lights
they still bit me a little
And i will live a lie,
As long as you take this risk with me...


Ohhhhh - live today, love today, just take a chance now...
You don't gotta think about it (don't think about it), let go your every fear about it (don't fear it, no), causa no, we can't lose, don't think about it, baby.

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