Porcelain Doll


Verse 1:
I'm staring at danger
Should I pull the trigger
I'm not prepeared to take the fall
He built like a runaway
He say that he love me
But I can't seem to fall back

Coz of all these bags i'm carrying, and carry on
It feels like
Some type of weight
So i feel
But it ain't right, right, right, right, right
Better staighten up and fly right
Coz he ain't gon' take it for too long
I'm dropping my carry on
Checking it in

I'm over my duffle bag
Looking like a porcelain doll
No expression at all
What a shame
So worry heavy
Baby be my new leaf to turn
I'm trying to fall hard

Verse 2:
I'm staring at love
It's staring me back
Today I had the half way smile
You got me to walk
But I ain't bout to run, nah
Can't get my mind right


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